Introducing PACHE!

Pache is more than just a slides brand, It’s a LIFESTYLE.

The brand was developed 2 years ago with the intention to create an affordable slide that was built for fashion and comfort. A slide that you could where to the beach and to a family dinner.

We faced some hardships early days sourcing products from overseas and had an unsuccessful launch in the summer of 2021. After going back to the drawing board and changing the style of slide, we have launched what we feel is a better and more fashionable product.

We are three best mates (Damien, Jimmy and Dylan), business owners and lifestyle enthusiasts. Our passion is simply to create an avenue for people to live a fun and happy life. On the daily, we all face hardships and our brand is a representation of remaining present and grateful.

Pache is here to make you smile, to show you that no matter how tough life gets, its always better with a Pache.

Our brand is a reflection of the impact we want to create. We call this ‘The Pache Lifestyle’, it is whatever you want it to be, your own interpretation.

Pache Slides are a staple for every occasion;

  • Travel the world, pack your slides,
  • Go to the beach, wear your slides,
  • In a rush to meet your friends, put your slides on
  • Relaxing in comfort at home, Pache is the answer!


Live your best life!