Mediterranean Escape - Photoshoot

Welcome, PACHE enthusiasts, to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of our latest photoshoot! We are thrilled to share the journey of bringing our brand new slides collection to life, from scouting the perfect location to overcoming unexpected challenges and ultimately achieving success.

The Quest for the Perfect House

Every great photoshoot begins with a vision, and for PACHE, it was all about finding a location that could perfectly complement the aesthetic of our new collection. We wanted a backdrop that would not only showcase our slides but also tell a story.

Our team embarked on a very last-minute quest to try and find the ideal setting, and after much consideration, we stumbled upon a charming house in Caulfield that has a backyard area that instantly transports you to Greece or Spain.

That’s where the inspiration came for the campaign “Mediterranean Escape”

The architecture and natural lighting provided the ideal canvas for showcasing our cheeky and fun campaign shoot. From the aesthetically perfect pool to a captivating garden and tennis court, every corner of the house resonated with the fun essence of PACHE.

Model Dilemmas

As any seasoned photographer or professional knows, no photoshoot is complete without a star cast of models. However, the path to perfection is often riddled with challenges. We managed to secure 7 girls for the photoshoot. With these 7 girls, we worked on a detailed plan of how the shoot was going to be done.

However, as the clock struck midnight on the eve of our highly anticipated photoshoot, our journey took an unforeseen detour into the world of unpredictability. Two of our meticulously selected models gracefully bowed out, leaving a void in our carefully curated lineup.

This unexpected turn forced us to shift gears and make the best of what we had.

Luckily we had 5 amazing PACHE girls who turned out to be everything we needed and more. The PACHE girls not only captured the essence of our brand but live the essence of the brand.

Fun, cheeky, sexy, playful .. that is their lifestyle and that is PACHE!

Against all odds, the photoshoot unfolded seamlessly, capturing the essence of PACHE in every frame. The perfect combination between sexy and fun, the synergy between the models and our slides collection, and the carefully curated surroundings all came together to create visual poetry.

Not only did we end up with a collection of images that showcase our slides but also tell a compelling story of style, resilience, and the pursuit of perfection.